Sangue d'OroSector-based and special vintages

As our vineyard consists of a multitude of areas and microclimates, we have decided to distinguish the different expressions of zibibbo raisins, setting the harvest by sector.

That's why we distinguish the cuvee Sangue d'Oro from the rest of our production. This exceptional cuvee comes from plots of soils whose yield is weaker by nature due to their age and exposure.

Sangue d'Oro is the exceptional cuvee coming from low return terrains. Its golden yellow colour gives off a rich and intense scent, marked by notes of candied citrus rinds, ripe apricots, mango.
The palate reveals a velvety and opulent flavour, balanced by a great minerality, the final extends to orange and jasmine
Wine to be stored up to 20-30 years.